Jeep / Dodge speedometer Gear Tables

NOTE: WE DO NOT STOCK THESE PARTS.  This info is offered as a knowledge base item. They are available from the dealer or perhaps a speedo shop such as North Hollywood speedometer 818-761-5136

This table should apply to most if not all Jeep and Dodge speedometer connections, both in 2WD transmissions (such as the NV4500 2WD) and transfer cases. These apply to vehicles 1980 and up. Earlier may or may not apply.

There are two factors that affect your speedometer calibration: Axle ratio and tires size. Note: Actual tire size should be measured: Listed measurements are usually off. 

Jeep Dodge Speedo Pinion Gear Applications
Tire Diameter Axle Gear Ratio
5.38 5.13 4.88 4.56 4.10 3.73 3.55 3.07
44" 32T 31T 29T 27T        
42" 34T 32T 30T 28T        
40" 35T 34T 32T 30T 27T      
39" 36T 34T 33T 31T 28T      
38" 37T 35T 34T 31T 28T 26T    
37" 38T 36T 35T 32T 29T 26T    
36" 39T 37T 36T 33T 30T 27T    
35" 40T 38T 37T 34T 31T 28T 27T  
33"   41T 39T 36T 33T 30T 28T  
32"     40T 37T 34T 31T 29T  
31"     41T 39T 35T 32T 30T 26T
30"       40T 36T 33T 31T 27T
29"       41T 37T 35T 32T 28T
28"         38T 36T 33T 29T


Jeep Dodge Speedometer Gear Chart
Short Gears   Long Gears
(Use with electronic VSS)   (Use with cable drive speedo)
Dodge PN Teeth Color   Dodge PN Teeth Color
N/A 26     5206848 26 RED
N/A 27     5206849 27 WHITE
52067628 28     5206850 28  
52067629 29     5206851 29 BLACK
52067630 30     5206852 30 YELLOW
52067631 31     5206853 31 GREEN
52067632 32 BLACK   Discon 32 BLACK
52067633 33 YELLOW   5206855 33 YELLOW
52067634 34 GREEN   5206856 34 GREEN
52067635 35 ORANGE   5206857 35 ORANGE
52067636 36 RED   5206858 36 RED
52067637 37     N/A 37  
52067638 38 BLUE   N/A 38  
52067639 39 GREEN   5206861 39 GREEN
52067640 40 ORANGE   5206862 40 ORANGE
52067641 41 RED   2538941 41 RED
52067642 42 WHITE   2538942 42 WHITE
52067643 43 BLUE   N/A 43  

  *Electronic VSS vs cable speedo drive: 

Either one will fit most jeep T-cases. The electronic VSS is a little unit that you put the correct gear on the end of. It fits into the speedo hole on the T-case. And it has a place to plug in wires to. You need 3wires +12, ground, and one wire to an electronic speedometer (such an OEM part in a 90-up jeep, or an aftermarket electronic speedo from companies such as Autometer. The cable drive is simply a part that will hold the gear, fits into the speedo hole on the T-case, and a mechanical cable directly attaches to.


NV4500 Cable driven speedo applications

You will need a transmission with an early Dodge 2wd tailhousing, and the matching Dodge mainshaft and speedo ring gear. We can supply any (GM or Dodge) NV4500 transmission with these parts. You will also need, in addition:

The parts needed to hold the speedo gear into the tail of the unit: The parts below can be sourced from the Dodge dealer. Data below is as given to us by our Local Dodge dealer:


Description            Part No            Quoted price (as of '05)
Adapter                  2538608                  $33.50
seal pkg                 4883434AA            $8.35
retainer pkg           2892399                  $3.85

You will also need the appropriate speedo gear itself, as in the table above. NOTE: You will need the LONG type, as listed in the table for the CABLE type speedo.