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NV3550 5 Speed Transmission

NV3550 General Information and Specifications

  • NV3550 Complete Conversion Package


    Rebuilt NV3550 - $985 + $350 core charge. Freight is $85.00 to 48 contiguous states. Shift tower not included.

    Core charge is refundable upon return of good reuseable core without a cracked case.

    One year warranty, unlimited miles if for personal use and 6 months for commercial use.

    NV3550: General Information:

    In 2000, Jeep began using the NV3550 in Wrangler TJs and Cherokees. It has become the medium duty 5 speed of choice. It is plenty strong for a medium size small block V8. All five gears are fully synchronized and shift very smoothly and easily. 

    This unit is conservatively rated by New Venture Gear at 300 ft/lbs torque handling capacity. The NV3500, used by GM and Dodge with V8 engines, is an earlier version of the same transmission.

    Length: 16.75" Including  integral Tcase adapter

    Weight: 100lbs

    Bellhousing Bolt pattern:

    Input Shaft/spline: 1-1/8" 10 spline

    Oblong pattern, with 9 metric bolts. It shares the same bolt pattern with the Japanese made AX15 as used in wranglers 1989-1999.  

    Gear Ratios: 

    First Gear 4.01
    Second Gear 2.33
    Third Gear 1.39
    Fourth Gear 1.00
    Fifth Gear 0.78
    Reverse 3.57


    Dry weight: 97 lbs.
    Oil capacity: 2 liters
    Rated GVW: 7200 lbs.
    Length (OAL from Engine to Tcase) 24 (incl Bellhousing & Tcase adapter)
    Case material: cast aluminum
    Rated Torque 300 ft/lbs (conservative)
    Input shaft & spline 1-1/8" 10 spline 


    Jeep/Dodge have a part number for Lubricant for the NV3550:  4874464   We have been advised, however, by our New Venture rep that a 30 wt non foaming gear oil is suitable for this transmission, and will be covered under warranty. It uses about 2.2 qts. NOTE: It is NOT recommended to use ATF in this trans.


    Jeep Factory shifters: 

    Early style: Square shift stub: Shift handle fits on and is located with a set screw

    Late Style: Round shift stub with a female thread.

    There is also a type where the stub comes up and is flattened, and has two holes drilled though it around 3/8 dia. A shift handle is mounted parallel to this using two thru bolts

    Aftermarket: Both B&M (available from Summit Racing PN BMM 45048) as well as Hurst (PN 3910113) make aftermarket short throw shifters. (We do not carry these) 

    Back-up light switch wiring: 

    A customer has advised me that wiring pigtails and kits to build compatible connectors are available from 


    Conversion Packages

    High Impact offers custom engineered conversion packages. Complete NV3550 installation packages are available for MANY vehicles. These include needed Bellhousing or adapter, any needed clutch components, transfer case adapters. Transmissions are custom configured with correct input/output shaft as is optimum for the application. 

    The fine print: As for "is it 100% Bolt-in", yes, all the components should bolt together fine.  However, I would never consider or assume any installation of a transmission that did not come in the vehicle was going to be 100% bolt in:   1. Might work out that way. 2. Most cases have a few issues you will need to figure out on the fly. 3. Occasionally there is some issue we did not anticipate that turns out to be a hassle. That is rare. In any event, our customer service is always available to help you resolve whatever issues may arise in your conversion. Our Tech Support is generally quite a bit more knowledgeable than the average Joe you get on the line!

    Partial list of Applications:

    We have on-line kit descriptions up for these items:

    Jeep Wrangler 2.5L 4cyl (replacing AX5)

    Jeep Wrangler 87-88: Peugeot Replacement

    Ford Bronco 66-77

    Jeep Wrangler 4.0L

    Jeep Wrangler NV3550 replacing automatic

    Jeep Wrangler w GM V8

    Jeep CJ with GM engine and Dana 18 or 20 Tcase

    Jeep CJ with GM engine and Dana 300 Tcase

    Jeep CJ with AMC engine 

    Jeep Wrangler w/ Ford V8

    NV3550 Behind Chrysler 5.2 / 5.9L motor

    Other Packages

    NV3550 into Jeep w/ GM Gen III motor/NP231

    Other applications available - Call or E-mail with what you have in mind!