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     Automatic Transmission

Electronically controlled auto-trans retrofits


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For some time, we have been adapting our “BadBoy” 700R4 and "BadBoy" AOD transmissions into a wide variety of applications. These transmissions continue to be popular, however:

There are places where the above overdrive auto trannies do not fill the bill:

  1. You are simply making more power than they can handle (Over 600hp), or more continuous load than they will sustain (over 10,000 GVW).
  2. You want the programmability and sophistication of a programmable computer controlled transmission
  3. Diesels


GM 4L80e, Ford E4OD/4R100, Chrysler A518/618e transmissions are the modern day answer to high horsepower, high load applications. Due to market pressure and competition, auto manufacturers have been trying to increase features and cut costs. The new features are great, but the policy of having accountants dictate to engineers has caused corners to be cut. We have developed a series of “BadBoy” transmissions in which we have bypassed all of the shortcuts and build a solid trans with towing versions capable of sustained towing of up to 25,000 GVW and performance versions designed for horsepower peaks in the 900 hp range.

GM 4L80e "BadBoy"

Ford E4OD/4R100 "BadBoy"

Chrysler A618e "BadBoy"

 Chrysler A618e "BadBoy" for CUMMINS Diesel


Programmable Electronic Control for automatic transmissions

  • Shift points, shift firmness, torque converter lock: Fully programmable
  • Full Manual operation at a flip of a switch?
  • Steering wheel electronic upshift-downshift buttons?
  • Selectable shifting modes (ex. Power, towing, economy)

Issues when converting from one auto to a different auto trans on computer controlled vehicles



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