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Automatic Transmission

Non Computer “BadBoy” automatic-overdrive transmissions


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If you want to retrofit an overdrive automatic trans into a vehicle, and do not have and do not want computer controls, we build a “BadBoy” 700R4 (GM Trans) and a “BadBoy” AOD (Ford trans). These can be built to operate without any computer control whatsoever. We have adapters available to use these transmissions in a wide variety of applications. For this reason, they have been our most popular overdrive automatic trans conversions to date.

Note: These transmissions will handle relatively high horsepower performance application, they are not intended for steady state heavy towing and such use.  450 HP Stage I Versions, 600Hp Stage II high-performance versions available for GM, Ford, Jeep and Dodge powered applications. Heavy Towing, Diesel, Higher HP applications: See Computer Controlled Overdrive Automatics


High Impact "BadBoy" 700R4

High Impact "BadBoy" AOD


There are a number of benefits to having overdrive for high way driving. Saving fuel, better engine life and mellower driving (without listening to that engine all wound up) are among them. If you have an auto trans, and want to stay with an auto trans, Usually, the easiest and best way to get overdrive into a vehicle with a 3 speed auto trans is an Overdrive transmission conversion.

Add-on overdrives are available in may cases, however do not address the problem of torque converter lock up. (They ARE useful as add-ons for heavy towing - discussed in full in article “Overdrives & Gearsplitters

A broader discussion of overdrive conversion options is available at:

Issues when converting from a computer controlled auto rans auto to non computer controlled auto trans on computer controlled vehicles

“BadBoy” HD  Electronic Overdrive transmissions

Want an auto transmission that will hold heavy towing with a diesel or big gas motor?

Check out the above linked article. Power capacity, towing load capacity, cooling, longevity are all discussed. Systems available for GM, Ford and Jeep/Dodge application.


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