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Transfer Cases

Dana20 (Jeep/Scout versions) 

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Jeep/Scout Dana 20 / Dana 18

Link: Additional Data on the Jeep Dana 18

Jeeps had a long run using the Dana-Spicer 18 or 20 transfer case: From 1941 to 1979. These cases all had a right hand drop (front drive shaft on the right, or passenger side of the vehicle).

The Dana 18 can be identified easily, as its rear output is offset down and to the passenger side (directly behind the front output yoke). This makes this case a possible replacement for Toyota Land Cruiser cases, which have the same rear output configuration. The Dana 20 has its rear output yoke directly behind the input, in the center of the vehicle.

pcx_mounted_to_jeep_dana_20a_resized_with_white_background.jpg (13108 bytes)

Crawler mounted to a Dana 20 with one version of a stock Dana 20 shifter.

Use of the Jeep Dana 20 With the Klune-V Extreme Underdrive:

These transfer cases, although used in different vehicles, all have the same bolt pattern. In terms of bolting to a Klune-V, the only way they differ is in the indexing hole diameter (see below) and the input spline count where the shaft goes into the transfer case input gear.

A Dana 18/20 mating kit PN KV100153 is required to bolt a Klune-V Extreme Underdrive to these transfer cases. This Kit consists of a bearing, a seal, a plate which carries the bearing and seal as well as adapted the bolt patterns, and necessary hardware.


The front indexing hole on these cases have either a "Large Hole" (4") or a "Small Hole" (3 1/8"). The small hole was used when mated to a T84 or T90 transmission. All other Jeep cases had a large hole. The Klune-V Extreme Underdrive adapter plate used is the same for both; a stock T90 bearing retainer is used with the small hole while a stock T86 bearing retainer is used with the large hole case. If you do not have this part from your current application, let us know which you need: We can supply the Klune-V mating Kit with the correct part included.

Mating Kit alone:                                            PN KV100153

Mating Kit w/Small hole bearing retainer         PN KV100153-90

Mating kit w/large hole bearing retainer           PN KV100153-86

Klune to Dana20 Adapter Kit Install Notes

Input Gear

These cases (with one exception) had the input gear carried directly on the output shaft of the transmission. The case does not have an input shaft of its own. The most common gear had an internal 6 spline where it slides over the trans output shaft. It  was secured to the transmission shaft by a nut on a threaded portion at the end of the shaft. 

The Klune-V Extreme Underdrive main shaft used in this application is a one piece shaft, and has the same six spline, threaded end, configuration.

The notable exceptions are: 

1969 - 1971 Jeeps with the T14 transmission used a 10 spline shaft. In this case, it is necessary to replace the original 10 spline input gear with the equivalent gear-tooth-count 6 spline version.

The 70's Jeeps with Turbo 400 automatics had a 32 spline output shaft and used a spud shaft in an adapter housing. The T-case input gear is carried on the spud shaft. This gear is not compatible with the six spline version: You must replace this input gear with the equivalent gear-tooth-count 6 spline version. 

Scout versions used with an automatic transmission: This gear will have a 23 spline configuration. It must be replaced with the Scout gear from the manual trans applications, which will have the correct 6 spline configuration.

Transfer Case Shifter

Use of the original shifter is usually pretty straight forward. These cases typically came with shifters mounted to the front of the case. While there are a number of variations, we have not found any that will not work with the Crawler in place. Unmodified, the shifter will exit the floorboards to the rear of where it originally came out. Alternately, the shifter can be modified or a different shifter installed that will have longer linkage rods and will exit at or near the stock location. 

Transmission Support/Cross Member 

The Dana 18/20 adapter is used with the universal foot mount system. This places the mounting point directly in front of the transfer case, where it will provide best support for the transmission-crawler-transfer case setup. The crossmember will need to be relocated farther back on the frame rails or a new crossmember fabricated, or in the case of a skid plate, the skid plate drilled further to the rear to bolt up the mount.

Scout Dana 20
The transfer case adaptation requirements are the same as the Jeep Dana 20.




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